Top 5 Wednesday: Classes Based on Books/Characters

This week was a freebie when it came to the topic, so I dug deep into the Top 5 Wednesday archives to find this fun prompt. I liked this one because it’s a little more creative than most. Here are my top five (made up) classes based on book and characters.

Awful, Isn’t It? Answers to Life the Universe and Everything with Marvin the Paranoid Android.

With a brain the size of a planet, Marvin of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is no doubt the best candidate to teach a class on the answers to life, the Universe and everything. All this poor, depressed robot wants is for someone to listen to him, and for the chance to use that massive brain of his. Maybe teaching a class of eager learners would snap him out of it, or maybe it would result in an increase in the suicide rates on campus as students were subject to long lectures capable of turning even police cars and bridges to end their own lives.

Hospitality 101 with Kid Lobotomy

This is a tongue-in-cheek class. If you’ve read the Kid Lobotomy comics, you know that Kid and his family’s hotel are not exactly known for their fantastic hospitality. These comics are pretty weird. Kid’s insanity is often portrayed with imagery inspired by Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. The bizarre events at this hotel often send guests running, but they manage to stay in business anyway. This class would actually likely end up being taught by Kid’s sister, who is known to take over for him at the hotel when his insanity becomes too much.

Build a Raft to Withstand the Elements

Who better to teach a class like this than someone who has done it for real in a survival situation? Holly FitzGerald, author of Ruthless River, has been there, done that. Her novel chronicles a trip in which her and her husband become hopelessly lost in the tributaries of the Amazon river. Their handmade raft becomes their home and only saving grace as they fight for survival in the unforgiving, bug-ridden humidity of the Amazon Jungle. She might not be able to teach the mental fortitude it takes to survive such and ordeal, but having a good raft is important.

How to use Your Feminine Charm and What to do When that Doesn’t Work

Valla from the Dark Fang comics is pretty bad ass. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Her psychic vampire powers help some, but I think she would be well equipped to teach a class on how to get what you want using first feminine charm, and if that doesn’t work brute force. Manipulative? Yes, but her intentions are good. All she wants is to save her only friends, the marine life she so dearly loves. These comics are an interesting take on vampires I highly recommend reading.

Dream Walking with Andrew Forsthoefel

In the dusk, I dream-walked, letting loose my imagination: my pack was a living creature, its tentacle straps suctioned tightly to my back, quietly riding along. I saw a stubbly cotton field as the close shaved cheek of a giant, the rolling road his lolling tongue pebbled with taste buds.

One of the many types of walking Forsthoefel describes in his book, Walking to Listen, “dream walking” intrigues me most. It sounds pretty trippy, but he isn’t into drugs. Letting your imagination run wild holds an appeal and I would love to learn how to experience this myself.

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