The Writing Room

This blog is not dead. I promise.

We just bought our first house and it turns out that it takes a lot of time to bring a house from ‘poop covered chicken palace’ to ‘fit for human life’. So instead of reading and keeping up with my blog and school work these past couple of weeks I’ve been chiseling bird poop off walls and tearing up the most disgusting carpet known to man. But guys, this is going to be a really nice house!

fullsizeoutput_324While I work on getting my life back together I thought it could be fun to share some ideas I’ve had for my writing room. First, the color palette I found at Sherwin Williams that inspired me. The colors they’ve put together are Oh Pistachio, Tricorn Black, Crabby Apple, White Flour, Pussywillow, and Leapfrog.

I already have a black desk and chair. My bookshelf is a combination of black and fake cherry wood finish. The walls are painted the same grey as the rest of the house, which is a little lighter than the Pussywillow on this color card. I plan on doing one accent wall in a black and white damask wallpaper.

I couldn’t wait to buy this Russell Hobbs Retro Style Electric Kettle in red. I can’t be productive without a hot beverage after all. It’s not as fast as my old instant hot water spout, but this thing is fast and beautiful, if a little loud. I have a few other accessories on my wishlist to complete my little writing nook. A comfy white rug, a red desk lamp, a green essential oil diffuser, and a floor plant or two are on the list.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 1.26.08 PM Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 1.06.59 PM


Anyhow, looking forward. Next up on my reading list is The Road Chose Me, Volume 1 by Dan Grec. This book is subtitled “Two years and 40,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina” and I can’t wait to get started.

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