Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

I saw this seven deadly sins tag on Roger’s Reads’ YouTube channel and had to try it out on my blog. I don’t do YouTube much, but I found him on twitter. He’s @rogerhyttinen there. He puts up nicely produced and entertaining videos, and it looks like he just recently started a Harry Potter read along.


What is your most expensive book?

I had to go by cover price here. Since I buy a lot of my books used I have no idea what I might have paid for most of them. That said, the winner is hands down my Harry Potter illustrated editions at $40 a pop. I have the three that are out now, anxiously awaiting the fourth.

What is your least expensive book?

Not including comic books, Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane for $7.99. I do remember that I was given this one as a gift, but I wanted to stay fair with my cover price rule. My friend’s father was an extra in the movie adaptation, so I joked that I wanted a signed edition and she actually gave me one. I did end up actually reading it eventually and really enjoyed it.


What author do you have a love-hate relationship with?

This was a tough one. I have to say Edgar Allen Poe. I love his dark gothic style and the topics he writes about. I don’t like that his writing feels like a slog at times just because I’m not a huge fan of classics in general.


What book have you deliciously devoured over and over with no shame whatsoever?

I almost said Harry Potter here, because who isn’t obsessed with Harry Potter? (No? Just me?) I have to go with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams though. It’s a funny and light read that I can whip through in a day, so I pick it up more often than the Harry Potter novels.


What book have you neglected reading to laziness?

I don’t know why I haven’t read The Lost City of Z by David Grann. This one is about an explorer who went missing in the Amazon jungle looking for a lost city. I’m obsessed with the Amazon Jungle. I started it once and got distracted by shiny things I think. It is currently sitting in my TBR pile, so I do have good intentions here.


What book do you most talk about in order to sound like a very intellectual reader?

I read The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera in one of my college literature classes and really enjoyed it. I wish more of my literature classes had read books like this. It was originally written in Czech. It’s deep and contains a lot of symbolism. I loved the dream-like quality to this book.


What attributes do you find most attractive in male/female characters?

This is an odd question. I guess I could say I like my women bad-ass and my men rough around the edges. I like characters with a tough personal history, abuse, heartache, etc. I especially love when they still have a sense of humor despite all of this.


What book would you most like to receive as a gift?

Just Space: Poems, 1979-1989 by Joanne Kyger. I read a review of this book in an issue of Tin House magazine and have been stalking it ever since. It’s just a wee bit too expensive for me to spring for myself, or when I do see a less expensive listing I don’t have the spending money right then. I would love to receive this book as a gift.

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